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Want To Know About The Types Of Cryptocurrency That You Can Buy?

Want To Know About The Types Of Cryptocurrency That You Can Buy?

Cryptocurrency is just like real money because you can buy it or sell it, and even you can use it as the medium of exchange. But the only difference between real money and cryptocurrency is that the government or central authority does not manage it.

You can find so many cryptocurrencies that are available, and it is more than 10000 different type of currency.

Most common cryptocurrency

There are so many different types of cryptocurrency that are available, and here is the Liste Des Crypto Monnaies that are commonly traded in the market, and those are mentioned in the following points-


  • It is the digital currency known as the cash of the internet; it is the most common bitcoin that people commonly use to do transactions. It has so much value which can be used for many purposes.
  • The current value of bitcoins in circulation is 18.5 million, and the limit is 21 million, which is still not found yet.


  • It is the currency used by the people as much bitcoin is used, and it is increasing nowadays. It also works or functions in the same way as bitcoin work.
  • This cryptocurrency is designed to improve the quality or technology of bitcoin in which you have to pay low fees, the transaction time is also less, and miners are more concentrated.


  • Ethereum is the currency; the main focus is the decentralization of application or mobile application and not the digital currency; you can consider this as the app store.
  • The main focus of this platform is to return the control of the application to the original creator of the applications and eliminate the middleman. Ether is the token that is used as the currency by the application users and developers.

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