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The right wallpaper for bathroom restyling

Thanks to the innovative materials, even the bathroom can be personalized with wallpaper. Those made of surface treated glass fiber are suitable for covering high traffic areas or walls of wet areas. So let your imagination run wild to create a small SPA area in our home.

Materials and advantages

When choosing wallpaper singapore we recommend paying attention to the material, because it influences the aesthetic result, but also the durability and practicality.

Simple to install

Vinyl or fiberglass wallpaper singapore are easy to install because they stick to the wall and not the paper. They also leave no residue on the wall when removed.

Easy to clean

Any wallpaper should be cleaned periodically with a vacuum cleaner with soft brushes. In case of stains, the vinyl or fiberglass coatings can be washed with a soft cloth, water and neutral soap.

Dimensional stability

Both types guarantee high dimensional stability during the application and drying phases of the product for optimal results and maximum care in finishing.

Non-absorbent and odorless

Vinyl or fiberglass wallpapers are non-absorbent and odorless. Their durability over time is guaranteed.

Is wallpaper a decoration from the past, which reminds you of a dusty house full of throwaway items?

We give you some news: this is no longer the case! Today there are wallpapers of many shapes and colors, also suitable for a modern and design home. Our favorite space where to use it? The living area! If you too want to give your wallpaper personality, follow our tips on how to choose the right one for your living room.

Indiscreet glances?

Enjoy the privacy of your outdoor space thanks to furnishings, plants, curtains and gazebos: practical and multifunctional

How to choose the right wallpaper?

Don’t think that the wallpaper creates the grandmother’s house effect (even if we are still fans of the Style) because it is also perfect in a modern living room. Just choose the right materials, colors and patterns that match the style you want to give to the environment.

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